7 Reasons to Move to Idaho

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If you were to tell your friends that you were planning to move to Idaho you would undoubtedly raise an eyebrow or two. Tell your friends the reasons you are making the move to Idaho though and you may just persuade one or two of them to come with you.

Idaho is a state that offers much more than potatoes. Idaho is a state littered with small towns. In fact its largest city, which is Boise, has a population of just 200,000, while its second largest city, Nampa has around 64,000. Besides the tranquility that comes with small-town living, a move to Idaho can be a very rewarding one.

While there are a number of reasons to move to Idaho, there are seven reasons that just jump off the page:

1. Crime Rate: Idaho has some of the lowest crime in the west according to the FBI. The serious crime rate in Idaho is 21.3 percent less than the national average.

2. Cost of Living: Idaho’s cost of living is the second lowest of the 11 western states when factoring in things such as housing costs, health care, groceries, and other factors.

3. Housing: Idaho has a diverse and affordable number of dwellings to choose from. In Idaho you can find anything from a cozy cottage all the way up to an elaborate estate. Median home values in Idaho are among the lowest in the nation.

4. Education: Education is a top priority in Idaho with 64 percent of the state’s general fund dedicated to education. For college bound individuals, Idaho boasts a college or university in almost every city that has over 20,000 residents and has several top-rated vocation schools as well. Idaho also ranks third among the 50 states with most adults over age 25 that have graduated from high school.

5. Jobs and Employment: Idaho has a strong economy with manufacturing and agriculture as its top two draws. Also strong in the Idaho jobs market are high-tech, retail, tourism, and health care.

6. Taxes: When comparing the largest city in every state, Idaho is lower in taxes than 30 other states for a family that earns $50,000 per year.

7. The great outdoors: This is perhaps the biggest reason to move to Idaho. Because Idaho is filled with mountains, there are many different activates for the outdoor enthusiast. From hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, skiing in the winter, and even mountain climbing, if outdoor thrills are your thing, then Idaho is for you.

The reasons to move to the beautiful state of Idaho are truly limitless. While Idaho may not be a flashy name when it comes to the different states it does offer its own flare. It seems Idaho, like many things in this world, is a hidden gem. Idaho offers much of a big city lifestyle but you can still enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of a small-town. Based on the population figures there are not many people that are considering a move to Idaho, but if they knew the facts you better believe they would.


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